Why Cannot Lose Your Belly Fat?

When it comes to losing weight, it is the womb that is, for most of us, the body part on which the attention is naturally first. Indeed, having a thin waist gives a smoother look, the feel healthier. And it’s so much easier to find clothes to its size, which are better and which are worn with more ease.

Belly fat

Belly Fat

Without denying the importance of hand “appearance” and / or “aesthetic” a pretty strong stomach, this is not the most important argument that advocates of having a flat stomach: another argument-more-vital to the detriment of the “belly” and on which we wish to draw your attention is that having a prominent belly, to have the cake, a “big flop” or even ” love handles “-call it what you want is very bad for your health.

Indeed, whether you are male or female, young or old, have a surplus abdominal fat is a dangerous problem. Besides the higher probability of having a type 2 diabetes, you also increase the risk factor with respect to cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

Note: the type 2 diabetes is when the body’s cells have become resistant to the action of insulin produced by the cells of the pancreas, the latter gradually losing its effectiveness.

The belly fat is different from that of other areas of the body

Did you know that the fat that accumulates around the stomach gradually is very different from that found in other parts of the body? Indeed, many experts agree that the fat in the body releases large amounts of fatty acids, which have a very negative one hand on the blood sugar, and secondly on the metabolism of insulin.

The belly fat is different

The belly fat is different from that of other areas of the body

Whatever the harmful effects of abdominal fat, it causes in terms of many health problems such as high blood pressure, increased blood cholesterol etc… : Several factors contribute to the onset of diseases, not to mention, as mentioned above, that it may also cause forward, down the body’s sensitivity to insulin action.

Is there effective ways to slim the tummy?

Probably do not ever imagine you, upon reading what was just mentioned above, the risk that excess abdominal fat involves your health. Perhaps, then, are you asking yourself how to lose fat from belly fast. How does it do to have a flat stomach quickly?

You must realize that it is not so easy to choose to lose fat specifically on parts of the body rather than another. Indeed, the body uses the same process, whether to melt belly fat than any other body fat; it is he who chooses the areas over which it will act first.

Anyway, whatever the shape of your body or if you are big or small, the determining factor is the measure of your waist, it is he who allows us to consider if you are “at risk”.

What waistline whether you are “at risk”?

The upper limit is 1 meter waistline for men and 0.77 meters for women. In addition, it is at risk! If you exceed this size, no matter if it’s your genes that affect your “cake” or if you think it is hereditary too much abdominal fat significantly increases the risk of developing related health problems: a point, that’s it!

What Measures To Lose Fat from Belly Quickly?

If you do nothing, you may unfortunately suffer during your lifetime harms of abdominal fat. However, if you want to transform your physique positively, if want to make it more attractive, if you want to improve your health significantly while putting on your side as possible chance of staying in shape, it is important to take the things in hand now.

Losing your belly fat in 10 minutes a day

doing exercises to lose fat from belly

Doing exercises to lose weight

This clearly means that it is time to set up an exercise program tailored; do not rush on the first plan came fast you will benefit from focusing on the adoption of balanced meals and intake of healthy foods.

In short, it is time to stop eating anything anytime! You can be sure that sitting watching TV snacks all kinds of appetizers too fat or too sweet, you open the door to future health problems.


This is true only for those with a real overweight: those health standards consider “obese”, it will be less easy. But it does put you off either! This is true after all: “less easy” does not mean ‘impossible’!

Perhaps you will he more perseverance for the first results appear, but what is certain is that they will do your will eventually manifest themselves, and that’s the most important. It will take as long as necessary, but you will lose your excess weight.

Back to the point that concerns us-object of this blog know how to lose belly fat. Experience shows that it is the fat around the stomach which it is most difficult to remove the coating compared to other parts of the body which we want to lose weight,

To be given every opportunity to lose your extra pounds, you need to join a weight loss program structure is found, a program that has proven itself. So you can more easily achieve your goal of weight loss when other, less well informed, will fail.

Contrary to what you think, this is not so complicated or necessarily binding to a flat stomach: the fact of applying a few simple tips, like those given to you within 4 free videos available to top, you will already see some rapid changes to your “cake”. Just enter your first name and a valid email address and we’ll the first video, the other 3 will follow at 1 day intervals.


Remember: even if you feel to be not real overweight or think they do not need to follow a weight loss program, a belly surrounded by too much fat is dangerous to health, that this excess abdominal fat is be eliminated at all costs. Us, if there is that your tummy needs a little “planning” while the rest of your body is proportioned correctly, you will arrive at a much faster result: a clear advantage over others who must lose weight all over.